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Alas, I was never able to match his unflinching chutzpah…
…Or his infectious conviviality. He had the ability to be everyone’s friend. But it did not come carelessly: he worked at it. He knew not just each individual of the man film crews he worked with, but was genuinely interested in their families and their hobbies. He took snaps of them, and posted them up on a special board. He valued their many varied skills, and told them so. People respond to that kind of warmth, and respond in kind.
David Burke, about Jeremy Brett, Bending the Willow (via fadedpagesandcupsoftea)
We were on location somewhere and he serenaded me at a restaurant table in the middle of a very crowded restaurant in the evening … and when he serenaded me, he really did serenade me. He wasn’t taking the mickey, it was absolutely serious as only Jeremy could be serious in a situation like that. I was sitting there, and suddenly his voice was floating out all over this restaurant, and he improvised this song all about me and my beautiful wife and my beautiful son. I was absolutely crimson with embarrassment. But it didn’t make me love him any the less.
David Burke on Jeremy Brett’s irresistible urge to sing (via lyviathan)
One incident that David Burke recounted brought the house down at The Northern Musgraves‘ Jeremy Brett Memorial Lunch. It is a tale that reveals not only Brett‘s humour and eccentricity, but also his endearing, self-effacing qualities: Jeremy said to me on one occasion
«I was feeling so low the other day that I sent myself a fan letter.»
«Are you serious?»
«I‘m absolutely serious.»
«What did you write to yourself?»
«Dear Jeremy, I would just like to say what a wonderful actor you are. Your Sherlock Holmes puts every other attempt at the part in the shade. Basil Rathbone is not fit to clean your boots; and Douglas Wilmer and Robert Stephens should beg you to give them lessons. Your‘re much prettier than all of them, for a start. There is only one word for your performance - magic. Please send me a signed photograph. Your‘s Joe Bloggs. P.S. I‘ve heard that you‘re really nice person, too.»
«Did you really write that?»
«Yes, I did.»
«Did you send it?»
«Yes. I put a first-class stamp on it. I wanted to get it as soon as possible. It came the next morning.»
«And did you read it?»
«Of course I read it. I read it a dozen times. I felt wonderful afterwards.»
«Well, did you send yourself a signed photograph?»
«David, I may be mad - but I‘m not barking mad! In any case, the bugger didn‘t send a stamped addressed envelope!»

Bending the Willow - Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

David Stuart Davies

(via but-darlings-the-show-must-go-on)

"I was really trying to come to terms with the idea of Joan Plowright as Moriarty"


A Jeremy Brett story from David Burke, reported by David Stuart Davies:

"He came into my dressing room and, said ‘You’ll never guess who’s going to play Professor Moriarty." I tried several guesses, but Jeremy shook his head. ‘You won’t believe it,’ he said.

“‘Well, try me.’

”’Joan Plowright.’

“‘Come on, Jeremy,’ I said, ‘you’re joking.’

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